Volunteering for Peace celebrates IDP with postcards to Gaza

24 September 2014, 6:58 AM
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Dear URI Family, 

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace 2014, Volunteering for Peace (VFP) CC in Palestine started its campaign "International Day of Peace a Message to Gaza" which comes as the 7th year of celebrating the International Day of Peace in Palestine. The campaign included an online campaign through social media, Facebook and Twitter and included writing a message to Gaza that will continue until the end of this month. Thanks a lot to all those who wrote their message to Gaza through our email address info@vfpeace.org or through the social media groups. 

The second large activity was in Bethlehem next to the nativity church, the birth place of the messenger of peace Jesus peace be upon him, in which local youth, as well as international visitors to Palestine, wrote their messages to Gaza on a large poster and received a copy of Volunteering for Peace International Day of Peace Postcard that holds a message of peace. These activities were co-funded by URI MENA's annual International Day of Peace Award.

The 21st of September continued with a wonderful meeting with the Euphrates Institute CC in the United States Delegation visit to Hebron, in which the VFP team organized a tour for the visits to the most famous sites in Hebron and gave an intensive look to the historical city of Abraham Hebron. The Visits was ended with a beautiful lunch together with a local Palestinian family and youth and a speech from Tareq Altamimi, URI Vice-Chairman talking about the International Day of Peace and its important to URI and the importance of holding Palestine and Israel in your prayers specially in the International day of prayers of Peace. He talked about URI activities in the MENA region and the importance of cooperation between Cooperation Circles around the world and appreciate this beautiful cooperation between the Euphrates Institute and Volunteering for Peace. He talked about the Palestinian - Israeli conflict and the importance of having an end to the occupation and a peaceful, and non-violent solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. At the end, the Euphrates delegation of 13 members, together with the Palestinian family hosts, youth and Volunteering for Peace members, exchanged VFP International Day of Peace Postcards and had a collective picture together. 

May peace prevail on Palestine

May Peace Prevail in the MENA Region

May peace prevail on earth

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