Day One - 2014 URI MENA Assembly

7 November 2014, 3:50 AM

My journey with URI is blessed with many gifts, most recent of which is the privilege to attend the URI MENA Regional Assembly in beautiful Madaba, Jordan.

Today marks the end of the first day, and it was filled with insight, inspiration and joyous celebration. The theme of the URI MENA conference is "Religion and Volunteerism," and the first day featured special sessions that discussed the role of volunteerism in Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i tradition.

The presence of many of our URI sisters and brothers from Israel who were not allowed to cross the border was sorely missed. However, Elana Rozenman of TRUST WIN CC was able to Skype in with an opening prayer from the Jewish tradition and, together with Nour Arori of URI MENA, share reflections on the Women's Initiative.

The highlight for me was hearing from the CCs in attendance. Though delivered in a language unfamiliar to my ear, the passion and love for their work rang loud and clear. We look forward hearing the rest of the CCs present tomorrow, and are eager to showcase the breadth of their amazing work soon.

Today's hard day work was rewarded with song, dance and laughter. It was heartwarming to see the members of URI MENA celebrate  like family - it is a joyful reminder of the connection we share in our community.

For photos of Day One of the 2014 URI MENA Regional Assembly, click here.

Cooperation Circles Involved

Trust WIN

“Our purpose is to build trust and understanding among Israeli and Palestinian women - Muslim, Christian, and Jewish -- through meeting in each others’ homes, visiting each others communities and performing service projects together, visiting each other's holy places.”