International Women's Day

11 March 2015, 12:00 AM
Victor and Interfaith Task Force .jpg

Victor Kazanjian with the Interfaith Task Force on the Middle East at Wellesley College

On International Women's Day we were reminded of the power of women to give life, shape life and sustain life in all aspects of every society around the world. Having served as dean for two decades at a women's college, (Wellesley College,) I had the privilege of being reminded not once a year, but every day of the power of women to create positive change in our world.

One of the major contributions made by the Wellesley College Centers for Women has been identifying relational-cultural theory as a key model for human behavior. This theory, which is derived from women's teachings and women's leadership throughout history, teaches us that people grow through and toward relationships throughout our lifetimes, and that culture powerfully impacts our relationships and relationships powerfully impact culture.

The principles and practices of URI are also based on a kind of relational-cultural theory in which we practice deep respect and appreciation of one another and affirm that we are whole only when we are in right relationship with all others around us. This kind of right relationship between the peoples of all religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions is at the heart of URI and is at the heart of bringing peace, justice and healing to our world. 

Let us celebrate today and every day the women of the world and also the women of URI for the wisdom that you bring to all our lives and the possibilities for peace that you bring to our world. 

In peace… Victor