The Weekly Shot: World Water Day

23 March 2015, 12:00 AM

International participants traveled to take part in an environmental workshop prior to URI’s 12th annual Circles of Light gala in March 2015. Here, they are pictured standing by a fountain at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. Waters from this fountain and from around the world were poured together to flow in solidarity and blessing at the 50 year commemorative signing of the United Nations June 25, 1945.

The signs proclaiming #LOVEWATER and #WATERIS are part of global awareness campaigns by UNIFY CC (together with Uplift) and the United Nations for World Water Day (March 22nd). World Water Day not only celebrates water, but raises awareness of communities suffering from lack of access to clean water worldwide. World Water Day also encourages thoughts of sustainable water consumption and preparation for responsible water management in the future.

Learn more about the URI community's celebrations of World Water Day.

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