IBS CC - World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebration

30 March 2015, 5:04 PM

Bart ten Broek, IBS president, leading the meeting

Stichting Interreligieus Beraad Segbroek (IBS) (Foundation Interreligious Council Segbroek) CC celebrated World Interfaith Harmony Week on Sunday, February 1st by organizing a moment of meditation with the renewed Living and Care Centre "Jonker Frans" for elder people in The Hague. Together, we thought of World Interfaith Harmony Week in the Meditation Room. The president of CC IBS, Bart ten Broek, led the meeting.


Sanjiv Balgobind, from ISKCON and a member of IBS, pronouncing a reflection

Nextdoors is a Silence Centre. Occupants of Jonker Frans and the members of the CC want to bring a Lightsculpture there of the German artist Leo Lebendig. The sculpture combines the symbols of all religions and the "Happy Man" without religion. The sculpture is called "Human Soul". We invite people from The Hague and also participants from URI Cooperation Circles and other Interfaith organizations in The Netherlands to the presentation.

JonkerFrans5 (1).png

Leo Lebendig in Jonker Frans with a test formation 

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Cooperation Circles Involved

Stichting Interreligieus Beraad Segbroek

“Our purpose is to enhance peaceful coexistence in the multicultural and multireligious district of Segbroek (The Hague, The Netherlands); to contribute to and enhance the livability and the cosmopolitan feel of this district; and to organize activities, meetings and projects with other institutions that bring about social change, such as the work to prevent poverty.”