Sharing URI Europe's June Proverb

15 June 2015, 8:02 AM

That what you are looking for, is looking for you.

That which gets attention, grows.

What you think of as beautiful, true or full of purpose, unwillingly gets your attention. You think about what the inner voice of your heart tells you. That is how dreams are born that later become goals.

The power of the pure wish.

We should not underestimate them. When we express our wishes a vibration is released. When we make a movement 'to the outside', an 'inside' movement is created. When consciously I direct myself 'from me... to', at the same time a movement can be felt ‘to me...from'. It seems as if the object of my longing opens, unfolds and makes itself known. That which I am looking for shows itself as something that is already there. Or maybe it is better to say: as something that 'presents' itself? Something that was already there but that because of my longing comes towards me.

When I look for the truth, I find the truth.

It seems that, when we entrust and deliver ourselves to a different, as yet unknown reality, it reveals itself to us in one way or another. The Russian philosopher Lev Sjestov went further into this entrusting when he wrote: "The determining factor of life is boldness."

When we dare to let go of familiar thoughts, the known world, the firm soil and our cut-and-dried securities by turning our attention consciously towards an as-yet-unknown reality, a new, more ultimate reality will meet us. There will be revealed that which we could not know, because it is not about 'understanding' in the classical sense of the word.

There the totally unknown, that which we think impossible - the ultimate- will stand up in its true stature and reveal itself.