Feliz15: Happy 15th Anniversary Photos

2 July 2015, 3:22 AM

URI - Latin America and the Caribbean celebrates the 15th anniversary of the United Religions Initiative charter signing this month. Below are some of the photos from the URI community as we all celebrate URI's past and future. Feliz15!


Dear Cooperation Circle Members,

We hope that you are doing well. June 27 marks the 15th anniversary of URI, and we are very happy and honored to have traveled this long road.
To celebrate this special date, I invite you to take a picture using the labels:


In the second label you can use any of our 21 principles. Here I share with you my picture with the principle 1: URI is an organization of links and not a religion.

Dr. Enoé Texier

Coordinator, URI Latin America and the Caribbean


Happy 15 Anniversary United Religions Initiative and URI - América Latina & Caribe! - Ciro Gabriel Avruj, Global Trustee


Alejandrino Quispe Mejia, Global Council Trustee for URI Latin America and the Caribbean proudly shows through some objects the richness of his involvement to URI as he celebrates URI 15th Anniversary.


Rev. Marina Shinji Tirado Misle from CC para el Diálogo in Venezuela, celebrating URI's 15 anniversary by sharing URI Principle #9


Mateo Choc del CC APEM en Guatemala.


"Felices de compartir con URI, agradecidos por llevarnos en este corto tiempo, por varias experiencias, a los niños que los acompañaron en el evento de Caminando por la Paz 2013 nunca se les olvida esa experiencia. A los mayores tampoco. Con deseos de seguir compartiendo con la Gran Familia URI-AL&C. En este 15 Aniversario les deseamos a todos Salud, prosperidad y éxitos para seguir compartiendo la Felicidad, el amor y nuestras experiencias." Saludos del CC Quinaroa

(Translation: happy to share with URI, and thankful that they lead us in this short time for a number of experiences. The children who joined us walking for peace in 2013 will never forget that experience, and the adults either. With a desire to continue sharing with the great family URI Latin America & the Caribbean, in this 15th anniversary we wish you all health, prosperity and success to keep sharing the happiness, love and our experiences. Greetings from CC Quinaroa)


Respetamos las diferencias entre religiones,expresiones espirituales y tradiciones indígenas. Alice Gress y Gracas Nascimento-CC MIR, Brasil

(Translation: We respect the differences between religions, expressions and indigenous spiritual traditions.)

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