Pre Parliament of Worlds Religions Event: Opening Hearts for Authentic Communication

13 August 2015, 8:14 AM

You Are Invited 

Pre Parliament Round Table Event

Opening Hearts

 for Authentic Communication

 with special guest,

Marilyn Turkovich

Tuesday, August 18, 8 PM EDT

Maestro Conference

We welcome special guest, Marilyn Turkovich, Executive Director of The Charter for Compassion as she joins us at this Pre Parliament Roundtable.  The gift of Marilyns' work is promoting the heart of humanity through compassion.  We invite you to explore the synergistic connection between compassion opening the heart of our humanity, and authentic communication.                                                 

Reclaiming the Heart of Our Humanity

This inclusive roundtable highlights the above theme of the Parliament of World's Religions. Compassion is the key in which we discover our relationship to others from the point of our humanity. It is also the common connection between the Charter for Compassion and the foundation of the Interfaith Atlas, which is evolving from the Language of Interfaith Project. The Atlas is the place where we are creating the roadmap of Interfaith dialogue that leads to Interspiritual action.


Along the Spiritual Journey between dialogue and activism, there is an evolving roadmap of our greatest wisdom and experiences.  


Welcome to the Interfaith Atlas

Equal Voice ~ Equal Share

Welcoming Contributions from Around the World


Make a difference!  Join us on Maestro Conference Tuesday night and bring your words of wisdom, experience, and passion as a contribution to the Atlas, and the collective growth of a spiritually evolving world.

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