Forgiveness Day 2015

31 August 2015, 12:40 AM


Wow! What a great Forgiveness Day this year! We are excited as our name, World Wide Forgiveness Alliance, becomes our mission. 

This year people from all over the world have synchronized in our celebration of Forgiveness Day.

Through our global allies The Moment of Calm Thirteen and a half million people participated on Forgiveness Day. 

Our ally Unify had three million people see us and twenty five thousand share our call to action.

The Unity Church live streamed and celebrated the day.

Our Forgiveness allies in Hawaii, Nigeria and London marked the day in celebration.

The Summer of Peace live streamed the event. 

Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu’s Forgiveness Challenge got the word out.

We celebrated the 19th International Forgiveness Day at Unity in Marin.

That is over 16 million people forgiving and celebrating Forgiveness and becoming aware of International Forgiveness Day!

That is Worldwide Forgiveness and Alliances!

Our event at Unity was an inspiring and joyous evening. We thank our heroes Linda Woods, Amikaeyla  Gaston and Champion Shelia GauterauxThe East Bay Gospel Choir, and The Red Tail Band. The staff at Unity, Ed Dudkowski and crew, all our volunteers: Paige Jenkins, Jayne McPherson, Cliff Brown, Marlo Stavos, Stephen Headley and all those who helped on the day.  Thank to our persevering executive board, Rob Mayfield, Andrew Bozeman, Jane Jennings, Kent Shew and our Executive Director Emeritus Bob Plath. We will be posting the video in the next week.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We are the Forgiveness Alliance, people working to bring more forgiveness to this world and we value your support. Together using the power of forgiveness we will change the world! 

Thanks so much!

Jacinta Martin

Executive Director of Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

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