Parliament of World’s Religions - October 2015 Salt Lake City

4 October 2015, 3:21 PM

Greetings from California!  

Much as we love e-mail communication, there's nothing like face-to-face conversations. I was wondering which CCs are attending the Parliament event at Salt Lake City next month? Please share. Our CC is interested in building a stronger network and bond with CCs from across the world via Face-to-Face meetings during the event. If you are attending, we will make it a point to meet with you and learn more about your work.  Thanks to the contacts list and technology that has brought us together. Maybe it's time to take this interaction to a whole new level. 

Our CC will be presenting on Friday, October 16 at 7:00 am at Ballroom B on the following topic: 

PEACE WITHIN FAMILIES - The human approach. We request your graceful presence and participation in the interactive session. We would love to hear from all you wonderful souls! Looking forward to meeting you next month. 


Thank you, 

Chair - Orange County Cities for CEDAW Task Force 
Phone: 949-284-6730 

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