Parliament of World’s Religions - October 2015 Salt Lake City - Wisdom Circle Ministries

4 October 2015, 3:20 PM

Greetings All, 

Wisdom Circle Ministries is a Multi Region CC, and is hosting the Interfaith Exhibition on the second floor concourse of the Salt Palace. This exhibition space will run for the entire length of the Parliament and offers an open 900 sq. ft. space for meeting, conversations and even small presentations. The URI Multi Region is a sponsor of this space and this is a wonderful central location for face-to-face-conversations. For any requests, suggestions or questions regarding participation and use of the space, please contact Rev. Robert Hrasna at  

We are also hosting a presentation titled: Interfaith Digital Communications and Fostering the Language of Interfaith. It is scheduled for October 17th from 11:45 am -1:15PM room 251C. 

Looking forward to meeting you there. 

Rev. Robert Hrasna 
Chair: Interfaith Exhibition, Wisdom Circle Ministries 
Ambassador: Parliament of World’s Religions 
Phone: 732-604-1856 

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