URI Taking Part in the Event “Possible Dialogues”

12 November 2015, 12:01 PM
woman speaking at the microphone

Dr. Enoé Texier, URI Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, presenting her topic

Dialogues Possíveis ("Possible Dialogues") was an event organized by the Espinhaco Institute and the Federal University of Minas Gerais, and took place in Concepcion de Mato Dentro de Minas Gerais in the auditorium Do Senai. Other organizers included San Francisco College and local authorities participating as featured guests. They addressed issues associated with new models of development towards a Culture of Peace. Dr. Enoé Texier, URI Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, participated with a lecture in the opening of Section 2: Managing for Sustainability. She spoke on the theme of the world's transformation from a culture of peace. Her talk "Brain Management and Culture of Peace" was on the importance of the contributions of quantum physics and molecular biology, as well as the new discoveries in chemistry and neuroscience, as they apply to studies of human behavior. She considers supporting education programs necessary for helping human beings towards becoming models of building peace.

She spoke of the importance of integrating human development awareness of the spiritual dimension, and said: "To our knowledge and psycho-emotional health, it is good to know that peace among religions is possible. It is not a utopia and it is already a reality. We only have to amplify it." She invited the public to act at "RELIGIONS AND PEACE: Dialogue as a Path," which would take place on August 1st at the Theatre of Masonry in Belo Horizonte. This activity concluded the meeting of the Cooperation Circles of URI Brazil. An event with the title of: The Force Belonging to URIALC "Walking Together with Joy" took place during those days in the Retirement House of the Brahma Kumaris: Portal da Luz, in Belo Horizonte.

See the full presentation in slides here.


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Regional Coordinator for URI-Latin America and the Caribbean