The Ideal of a Decolonized Education System

17 November 2016, 2:26 PM

The ideal of an educational system which is decolonized seems to be the issue which is constantly debated from time to time and has no end. In addition, a decolonized education system is the key to broaden one individual's mindset to understand the perspectives of different authors from different countries.

Moreover, the key to having an educational system which is not entirely eurocentric is possible if we become accomodative to other forms of knowledge which come from different countries. In our current era, there have been intellectual debates which have been sparked by the educational system which seems to promote education which caters for the privileged. Moreover, due to the intellectual battles, arguments and the institutions failing to provide platforms for various theories and knowledge which are not predominantly Western, there seems to be tension which has been amounted by students.

In addition, we have become a generation of arsonists and violent protestors and have forgotten the importance of being effective change agents without the use of violence. Moreover, the institutions that were meant to inspire the perception of freedom have failed the students in more ways than one. The question we need to ask ourselves is: do we value wealth over the needs of the students, or do we want to raise a generation of educated leaders? That is the question we need to ask ourselves every day.