The Weekly Shot: Keeping Girls in School

1 January 2017, 11:01 PM

As part of the URI Great Lakes Africa youth program “To Keep Girls in School”, one of the religious leaders participating said that he didn’t know much about the reproductive needs of his girls. It was during the celebration of the United Nations Day of the Girl Child this year that he got an eye opener.

“It is today that I have come to realize that my girls would always ask me for extra pocket money for their own needs. I just realize now that they did so in order to buy sanitary towels and the like. It is such a pity that I am learning so in my 80s. How I wish I had known better”, reminisces a religious leader from the Latter Glory of Religions in Busoga, a URI Cooperation Circle in Uganda. 

Educating the girls and their communities about female reproductive systems helps to keep female students in school alongside their male counterparts. 

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