The Weekly Shot: A Song for Peace

12 February 2017, 11:29 PM
song for peace.jpg

URI Brazil, in collaboration with the URI Latin America and the Caribbean region, Campinas Cooperation Circle, and all the Cooperation Circles of Brazil, is hosting its second "A Song for Peace" festival. It will feature songs about peace, compassion, and human values from Latin American composers. "Songs and stories refresh our memory and our imagination, activating memories, emotions, and dreams that give us a new breath on the life path we have chosen,"

says the region’s URI coordinator, Dr. Enoé Texier. 

If you are a Latin American composer interested in participating in this year’s festival, music submissions will remain open until the 28th of February. Send submissions to

The photo above shows a scene from the 2016 festival, which was held to an overwhelmingly positive reaction. Read more about it here. Listen to last year’s award-winning song by Gerardo Ochoa for inspiration.

Learn more about this year’s festival here.

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