Youth Exchange Examines Conflict Reduction

10 April 2017, 6:33 AM

Volunteering for Peace members participated in the International youth exchange “Europe Meets Euromed,” which took place in Bari, Italy. The project gathered representatives of youth centers and organizations working with youth from Italy, France, Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt.

Youth Exchange “Europe Meets Euromed” is the result of a shared vision and is aimed towards bringing a group of youths together in order to take a look at the various reasons that can lead to conflicts, as well as to discuss and brainstorm solutions to lessen the amount of conflicts that break out.

In doing this, we youth had a chance to voice our own opinions and take a more active role in society. We discussed how conflicts on a social, national, regional and international level affect us and how we can come together to counteract the negative effects of such conflicts.

Five young people and a leader, coming from eight partner countries (4 MEDA, 3 EU members and one pre-accession state); namely, France, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Malta, Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine; and up to 40 young participants and 8 leaders will spend seven days in the south of Italy living together and participating in several workshops.

The workshops will make use of the non-formal method of education. The group, composed of youngsters coming from very different backgrounds, will be discussing the similarities and differences that exist between our respective countries, the different issues that we face in our everyday lives, and how they are currently dealt with and how they can be dealt with. We will not only be discussing the similarities and differences that exist in relation to our daily lives in our nation states, but we will also be sharing examples of good practices.

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