Sacred Australia Calls for the Return of Mungo Man

20 April 2017, 5:59 AM

Lake Mungo in New South Wales, Australia. Photo by Peter Mousaferiadis of Cultural Infusion CC.

Sacred Australia, a URI partner, is calling for the return of Mungo Man (the oldest discovered Aboriginal human remains found on the Australian continent) for a dignified burial in accordance with Aboriginal traditions. This initiative is organized by URI Cooperation Circle 1GOD (under the name World Weavers), in partnership with Cultural Infusion Cooperation Circle.

The call for treating the ancient human remains with dignity comes from Sacred Australia’s Ben Bowler, son of Jim Bowler, who discovered Mungo Man in the 1970's. Ben has been very active in the URI Network, most recently making connections among the URI North India team.

“Our aim is to support the work of the Repatriation Committee by ensuring that the return of Mungo Man and the other human remains attracts both the national and international attention that it so richly deserves,” Sacred Australia states. The time when Mungo Man returns to country represents a one-time opportunity for a healing moment for all Australians.”

Sacred Australia continues: “In recognition of the dignity and antiquity of First Australians, to whom modern-day Aboriginals share a living connection, nothing less than a moment of great national celebration would be justified. This is a moment of world significance, where the people of Australia can come together to recognize and respect the depth and richness of Aboriginal heritage and celebrate together the unique natural environment of the Willandra Lakes area in the Murray-Darling basin.” 

For more information, read David Ellery’s feature in the Canberra Times, “The Time Has Come to Lay Mungo Man to Rest.”

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