Youth Participation Project

26 April 2017, 12:15 AM

Youth Actions in Development Activities CC is implementing a good governance project in Blantyre District (Malawi).

The project aims at lobbying for youth involvement in local structures of decision-making bodies at different levels.

The project has the following activities:

  1. Community awareness meetings
  2. Community discussion forums
  3. Engagement meetings with local authorities
  4. Youth empowerment trainings
  5. Youth forums


The objective of the project is to promote youth participation in decision-making bodies, so that youth issues can be ably held in project development processes.

The project is being implemented to address the challenges of youth development. It has been observed that, otherwise, there are no proper channels where youth issues can be addressed at a community level.

There are a number of development initiatives that have been put in place by the government where resources are allocated. But there is no clear way how young people can ask for their needs. (i.e. asking for a Youth Recreation Centre, Community Vocational Skills Training Centers, etc.)

The only way to fix this is to advocate for a deliberate involvement of young people themselves in the decisdecision-makinges, so that they can speak for themselves and so their voices can be heard.

Cooperation Circles Involved