Kerala Council of Churches and URI join hands

6 July 2017, 5:29 PM

For the first time, the Kerala Council of Churches (An association of 19 churches and 29 related organizations) and URI joined hands together to organize an important interfaith seminar in connection with the celebration of the 70th year of the formation of KCC. URI was invited to organize this great event in collaboration with KCC at the Sophia Centre in the Orthodox seminary at Kottayam, Kerala. In fact this was a public acceptance of URI by the churches in Kerala and it was historic in several respects.

Leaders from different religions addressed an august assembly of delegates from various communities. With this big event URI has officially become the leading interfaith organization in the State of Kerala and in a way this was a reward for our intervention in the century old conflict between the two warring factions of the ancient Indian Church. There is absolute peace among the factions now and several closed churches are being opened now.

This comes as a big boost for us in the tenth year of URI.