Sharing URI Europe's July Proverb

11 July 2017, 6:14 AM

When one has to make an effort to relax, one is overstressed.

Life is demanding and unpredictable, uncertain and complex. People are 'here' while they want to be 'there'. With their agenda in hand they run. They do not have time for breakfast, no time for the children, no time for themselves, because they are busy, busy, busy. That is why, more often than we think, unrest grows in many relationships. People become tired.

What do you want?
Very often the expectations and desires of others as well as the dreams forced upon us by advertising and other folders determine us to such an extent that we forget to listen to ourselves. What do I want? What do I like? What do I really fancy? What would do me good and give me the most satisfaction? In short, what do I actually long for?

Ask yourself the question consciously
The chance that the answer is 'rest 'is great. Just rest. Time out. A bit of quietness. To relax. A bit of greenery. No agenda. Nobody that asks you to do this or that. To catch your breath. To have some time to yourself to slow down and to become quiet. To descend to what lives inside you. To give yourself the opportunity to let everything sink in, to come home and to do what really matters.

So relax.
Enjoy a pleasant holiday. Enjoy the days in which you can totally relax. Know that yesterday is gone and that tomorrow is yet to come. Live now! Make this holiday your moment. Live it. Totally. With all your cells and fibres. This inner journey during your upcoming holiday is the richest and certainly the most fulfilling.

Inner peace is indeed the secret weapon to cope with life in peace and quiet.


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