The Weekly Shot: Nurturing Interfaith Relationships Through Sustainable Farming

14 August 2017, 12:16 AM

Forward in Action for Conservation of Indigenous Species & Leadership (FACIS), a URI Cooperation Circle in Nigeria, is helping Muslim and Christian farmers put aside conflicts as they learn new sustainable farming techniques.

To achieve this success, FACIS introduced a new strategy of bringing people of different faiths to work together to produce organic food through a sustainable farming called "Biointensive agriculture." In the spirit of togetherness, Muslims and Christians in northern Nigeria worked together on the same farmland using new, easy-to-learn, eco-friendly methods of farming. As they nurtured their crops, they also nurtured interfaith relationships with each other. "So people who were perceived enemies of one another are now friends working to produce organic food to fight hunger and poverty," the Cooperation Circle observes.

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