The Weekly Shot: Women's Interfaith Healing

22 August 2017, 1:13 PM
group photo

Trust WIN CC organized a women's healing event where Israeli and Palestinian women of Christian, Druze, Jewish, and Muslim faiths came together to bond and heal together across the lines that have divided their region throughout the years. In the above picture, they are gathered at a unifying Holy Site. Nabi Shuaib, the tomb of Jethro, is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the father-in-law of Moses and venerated by the Druze and Muslims. The participants were received there by a Druze sheik, and all offered prayers for interfaith harmony from their own traditions. 

Announcing the event, the participants described themselves as "women with sons, daughters, and husbands serving in the Israeli Army -- some of whom have lost loved ones in the conflict. Women whose sons have been wounded by Palestinian terrorists or wounded by Israeli police. Women whose friends and neighbors have recently been killed by terrorists or by soldiers. Women whose mothers and grandmothers fled the Shoa to come and live in our land, and women whose mothers and grandmothers fled or were expelled from their villages to live in other villages in our land. We will heal our traumas and strengthen the harmony between our religions by spending a loving restorative day together."

Learn more about this interfaith bridgebuilding event here.

Cooperation Circles Involved

Trust WIN

“Our purpose is to build trust and understanding among Israeli and Palestinian women - Muslim, Christian, and Jewish -- through meeting in each others’ homes, visiting each others communities and performing service projects together, visiting each other's holy places.”