Laughter, Learning and Listening: Stories from a Gathering of Southern Peacebuilders

11 December 2017, 5:52 PM
Laughter, Learning and Listening: Stories from a Gathering of Southern Peacebuilders

Laughter, listening and learning — these are the three things that came flooding back to me as I looked at photos from the weekend I spent at Kashi with peacebuilders from half a dozen southern states. This gathering was convened by the United Religions Initiative and brought together nearly 30 grassroots activists from 12 different URI member organizations, called Cooperation Circles, and from a handful of groups that were just finding out about URI. I invite you to come along as I tell you about our weekend of laughing, learning and listening!

Read the full story on the URI North America blog.

Cooperation Circles Involved

Apithan Ministries

"We strengthen people, groups, and organizations by engaging them in their interdependence, on each other, on our companion animals, on domestic and wild animals, on plants, the environment and nature as oneness. Through interactive experiences (nature, oneness, and wisdom), we provide a natural paradigm for people, groups, and organizations to reveal a collective heart connection with nature."

Interfaith Café

"Our purpose is to encourage interfaith dialogue and awareness by uniting people of different faiths in conversation over tea and coffee."

The Interfaith Observer (TIO)

“Our purpose is to cultivate a healthy, peace-engendering interfaith culture locally and globally; to share interfaith news that rarely gets published; to grow 'connective tissue' among interfaith activists, their interfaith ventures, and the millions who participate; to provide resources for both interfaith newbies and seasoned activists; and to survey exemplary interfaith practices, including funding strategies.”


"Our purpose is to address issues of inclusion of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer—and additional terms that others may identify by—in interfaith dialogue, as well as to engage in human rights, equality and peace building initiatives and activities."

Spirit of Truth Foundation CC

“Our purpose is to build upon the foundation we’ve created to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation (and intercultural cooperation), to end religiously motivated violence (and violence of any kind) and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.”