Inter-Cultural Youth Council Islamabad Reflects On Their Progress

15 December 2017, 12:33 PM
Inter-Cultural Youth Council Islamabad

Universal Interfaith Peace Mission organized a seminar in Islamabad Hotel on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Common World Movement in collaboration with URI and URI MCC of Islamabad. 

In the month of October, 2017 the Inter-Cultural Youth Council of Islamabad arranged a meeting with the Executive Body and discussed with them the upcoming training workshop of youth, which will be arranged by the URI head office in Lahore, Pakistan. All youth were happy to learn about this program and were welcomed to join.

Some active members were given responsibilities to arrange this training workshop to benefit more than 30 well-educated youth from all walks of life. 

The Inter-Cultural Youth Council of Islamabad also recently organized: a health program to provide blood donations; and a meeting of URI coordinators of Islamabad region to discuss CC and MCC activities. 

Read their October - November 2017 progress report (attached). 

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