EcoPeace Middle East Directors Visit San Francisco

18 December 2017, 3:00 PM
EcoPeace ME in SF Flyer

Directors from EcoPeace Middle East, a Cooperation Circle in URI's Middle East & North Africa region, visited the Bay Area on November 9th and 10th for speaking engagements on their environmental and peace-building efforts. They held an event at Glide Church in San Francisco called "Building Bridges for Peace, Prosperity and Security," to promote cooperative efforts to protect the shared environmental heritage of Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. The directors shared the mission of EcoPeace Middle East, as an organization that seeks to create a secure and conflict-free region and to generate the necessary conditions for lasting peace in the region. 

EcoPeace Middle East directors led a discussion on current events, provided an environmental update from the region and shared stories of meaningful cooperation happening across borders. Jordan River politics were the focus of the panelists, emphasizing that within a generation our drinking water resources might be gone if we do not find solutions; water crises contribute to instability, and national governments must put this on their political agendas throughout the Middle East. 

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Directors of EcoPeace Middle East speak at the Woodrow Wilson Center on the topic of Water Security in the Middle East -- Is it a source of tension or an avenue for Peace? 

Gidon Bromber, Israeli Co-Director of EcoPeace Middle East and Yana Abu Taleb, Jordanian Deputy Director of EcoPeace Middle East are featured on the panel. 

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