Memoriam for Annie Thomas

20 January 2018, 9:56 PM
Annie Thomas.jpg

One of our great leaders of URI South India joined the celestial Cooperation Circle. She had a lung problem and was admitted to the medical college two weeks ago and called to eternal rest yesterday.

Mrs. Annie Thomas (60) was my cousin and Secretary of the Cosmic Community Centre (CCC) Cooperation Circle for a long time. She was always there to lead the CCC choir during all our important functions like Traveling Peace Academy, Holy Books Conference, and so on. Many of our leaders were welcomed in their home during several sessions. It is a great loss to our Movement.

They were in Sharjah for many years. She is survived by her husband Benny and two sons and a daughter-in-law.

URI is deeply indebted to Annie and her family.

- Abraham Karickam

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