Skills Training Courses Improve Underprivileged Women's Lives

1 March 2018, 4:01 PM
Peace Center Lahore - Training Course
On 24th January, 2018 Peace Center Lahore organized a diploma ceremony at Shamkay Bhattia, Lahore for the students of Peace Feeder Sewing and Knitting Center. Sixteen unskilled and uneducated, poor, Christian and Muslim girls attended a one-year training course. The course involved training in sewing and knitting, which produced great interest and a sense of responsibility in its participants. 
The goal of Peace Feeder School (PFS) is to facilitate in decreasing the level of illiteracy and to create educational opportunities for the marginalized and neglected groups, such as miss-outs and never-gone-to-school children, aged 5-10 years. They facilitate the mainstreaming of out-of-school children into a formal education system.

Peace Center Lahore (PCL) established two Vocational Centers. PCL developed a training course, which implemented the Vocational Centers. PCL observed that mostly women and girls, after morning work, remain in homes, and mostly girls aged 10 to 15 do not go to school. PCL targeted these types of girls and women who wish to learn skills. This initiative provided them with an opportunity to learn skills and contribute to their family income. This way, they will become a fruitful part of their family.

PCL enrolled 30 women and girls in each center for one year in the course, and the following skills were imparted to them:

  1. Sewing, Knitting and Embroidery
  2. Fabric Painting and Glass Painting  
  3. Making Hand-Made Decorations
  4. Beautician Skills

Read more details and see photos in the full PDF report below.

Prepared by Asher Nazir, Executive Secretary, URI Pakistan