The Weekly Shot: Interfaith Friendships Across Political Tensions

4 March 2018, 8:48 AM
Trust WIN celebrates WIHW 2018

Trust WIN celebrates WIHW 2018

Undeterred by recent political and security events, TRUST WIN (Women's Interfaith Network) celebrated interfaith harmony in Fureidis, Israel, where they hosted 35 women for a home-cooked meal, shared art creation, and discussion.

The event brought together Jewish, Muslim, and Druze women, many of whom did not speak a common language. Nevertheless, continual translations and goodwill made friendships possible. “We closed in a circle with the women expressing how we create an oasis of peace where we experience the reality of interfaith sisterhood. One woman said that with each meeting, a stronger sense of closeness and commitment can be felt. We are the microcosm for a process that we expand outwards to our families, friends, colleagues and co-workers, and to our communities,” says Elana Rozenman, the Cooperation Circle leader.

“We ended with our traditional hugging ceremony and planning for future gatherings in each other's communities. These women all returned home to their communities to share what they learned together about powerful women in different religions, and their experience of interfaith harmony.”

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