Opportunity for URI Musicians to Collaborate with Grammy-Nominated Artist Pato Banton

12 July 2018, 10:13 PM
Pato Banton

An invitation to all musicians in URI: 

Grammy-nominated musician and URI Cooperation Circle leader Pato Banton will produce an album of global music created by URI Cooperation Circles, to be distributed for free at the Parliament of World Religions and beyond!

If you are a part of the URI network, you are invited to contribute a track for consideration in this album, which will also feature bios of musicians and their Cooperation Circles around the world. 

This is a great opportunity for the musicians in our network to gain some global publicity, and to share the message of URI through music with a huge number of people!

Who can submit a song? 

Anyone in the URI network! You may submit collectively as a Cooperation Circle, or as an individual member of a Cooperation Circle. 

What kind of music should it be? 

Positive! Your song can be any length, in any musical genre, as long as the message of the music aligns with the URI PPPs

Who is Pato Banton?

Pato Banton is a Grammy-nominated musician with a global musical ministry that brings people together across boundaries to find spiritual unity, motivation and regeneration. Pato and his spiritual family engage in open public service as well as discreet service to meet the needs of the people they encounter. Their musical ministry has taken them to many countries, including Brazil, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Ghana and more. They have a impressive commitment to The Golden Rule, encouraging those in their global family to become dynamic examples of The Golden Rule & Loving Service to the people within their circles of influence around the world.

How do I submit a song?

URI Multiregion Regional Coordinator Frederica Helmiere can connect interested individuals to Pato for further instructions. The highest quality recording possible will be important, but no one should be discouraged from submitting a track recorded in any way for consideration.