The Weekly Shot: Interfaith Dance

10 September 2018, 3:43 PM
The Weekly Shot: Interfaith Dance

As written in the Preamble, Purpose and Principles, one of the foundational tenets of URI’s work is, “We respect the uniqueness of each tradition, and differences of practice or belief.” A little further down the page are the words, “We unite to celebrate the joy of blessings and the light of wisdom in both movement and stillness.”

When people of different cultures, and beliefs unite to share the uniqueness of their dance traditions with each other, as in this photo from Cultural Infusion (a URI member group in Australia), it forms human-to-human connections on a deep level. When a community celebrates its diversity, it creates a space for every member of that community to become more fully connected, to feel how much they are valued, and to take on more active roles in peacebuilding.

Learn more about Cultural Infusion’s work with interfaith art, music, and performances.

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