The Weekly Shot: Interfaith Music Album

1 October 2018, 11:06 PM
The Weekly Shot: Interfaith Music Album

URI’s global network spans 107 countries and nearly 1,000 grassroots member groups (called Cooperation Circles), including people from nearly every religion and faith group in the world. For the first time, thanks to Grammy-nominated music legend Pato Banton and the generosity of URI musical artists from across the globe, this incredible diversity is being celebrated in the form of an album of 30 songs.

The songs have been contributed by URI artists across South Africa, Australia, the UK, the USA, Uganda, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, India, Venezuela, Austria, Germany, and Belgium. From aboriginal music to dance to reggae to meditation, the album will celebrate the sounds of URI coming together in diverse harmony. Its release date is planned for November 1.

Read an interview with Pato Banton about the project.

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