Inspirational Singing Conference

14 March 2019, 2:48 PM
Inspirational Singing Conference

"Empowering women with the song that inspires"

Enterprising women from the community of San Diego’s Town at the State of Carabobo in Venezuela are going to be benefited by a musical tool called THE INSPIRATIONAL SONG, created by ANDREAMARIA - a singer from URI Cooperation Circle of Latin-American Musicians - who was one of the twelve winners of the second edition of A Song for Peace Festival, in San Luis de Paraitinga, Brazil 2017.

The purpose of the activity is to awaken the enterprising woman’s soul to conquer dreams, adding an important musical perspective to the goal of the Empowerment of the Woman’s Vision. This applies an original methodology designed with the inspiration and support of Dwight Carpio González, who is also a Venezuelan musician. He is also a historian, scientist and writer.

Enterprising Women will receive essential steps for supporting and defining the process of self-empowerment. Contact: @ANDREAMARÍA_VOZ