The Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power

9 April 2019, 4:28 PM
The Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power
S.A.R.A.H. co-sponsored The Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power, co-facilitated by Sande Hart and in shared leadership with (Past) URI Youth Leader Ashley Young and UN Rep Debbra Gill and others. Monica Willard presented on the power of spirituality within the United Nations. It was like the similarly-named event hosted prior to the Parliament of World's Religions in Toronto. In advance of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, we hosted women and girls in circle at the historic Henry Street Settlement, home of suffragist Lillian Wald and launch pad of some of our country's most compassionate institutions including the NAACP.  
We began with a heartbeat. 

Laurie Schwartz prepared the altar with care and intention, then she sat down, took a deep breath and picked up her drum. Others picked up drums, rattles, shakers, or just moved around the room with their arms in the air. 

While we were preparing ourselves for the day through this ceremonious opening, Frank Menusan Generous Bear, Muscogee Creek Elder was tending the fire, preparing the room with his smudge and prayers. Introduced by Rev. Debbra Gill, he greeted us with a stunning acknowledgement of the divine feminine rising. Then he left us to our work. 

We heard Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum speak truth to power about women's heart health and how to listen to our heart. Brenda stirred us into a spiral on our feet and back to the ground and back up again.

Ann brought us back and we came together in Circle Principles to anchor our voice, "Infinite" moved us with her rap, Niti with her haunting poetry, and the Queen Mother with her deep wisdom, having just returned from the anniversary march of Bloody Sunday and her walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in Selma, Alabama. Grandmother Nancy Andry led us in a water and tobacco ceremony, Monica Willard explained the power of the UN Commission On The Status of Women. Woven into our day were three small circle dialogues and every voice was heard. Then we reluctantly closed in circle.

We were honored with the presence of Miss Brooklyn Earth. Then we shopped the goods brought to us by local and attending women. All voices were heard.

We also supported women who brought their items for sale. We shopped items brought by some of our attendees!  

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