The Weekly Shot: Ramadan 2019

6 May 2019, 5:02 PM
The Weekly Shot: Ramadan 2019

Photo of Ramadan prayer in Afghanistan, by Vetman via Wikicommons

This week is the beginning of Ramadan, a holy month of prayer and fasting for followers of the Islamic faith. This year, it lasts from May 5 through June 4. In Islamic tradition, the first day of Ramadan marks when the prophet Muhammad began receiving the revelations that would one day be compiled by his followers into the holy Quran.

During the month of Ramadan, adult followers of Islam fast from food and water during daylight hours, as well as refraining from unholy thoughts and actions. They focus on prayer and spiritual reflection and give generously to charity. At sunset, the day’s fast is broken by sharing Iftar, a community meal. Ramadan concludes with celebrations marking the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

URI's grassroots peacebuilding groups, called Cooperation Circles, are formed by members of at least three different religions, spiritual expressions, or indigenous traditions. Learning about each other's holidays is one way to build bridges and show mutual respect.

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