The Weekly Shot: Accelerating Peace Across the World

5 August 2019, 5:44 PM
The Weekly Shot: Accelerating Peace Across the World

Photo by Barbara Hartford.

At the Accelerating Peace conference, which was hosted by URI on the Stanford University campus in California, USA, last June, peacebuilders from around the world came together to learn from each other, build stronger connections, and inspire even more effective peacebuilding work in their respective communities and across the world.

In this photo, three URI peacebuilders convene (left to right) - Phil Lane, Hereditary Chief, Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and URI At-Large Trustee; Honorable Elisha Buba Yero, URI Trustee for Africa and the Wakilin Kpope (ambassador to the Chief and traditional ruler of his community) in the Kaduna State of Nigeria; and Dr SS B Charukeerthi P Swamiji, a peacebuilder from Moodbidri, India.

The URI network brings us all closer. Learn more about the work URI members are accomplishing around the world here.