The Weekly Shot: Celebrating Interfaith Diversity in Florida

11 February 2020, 3:07 PM
The Weekly Shot: Celebrating Interfaith Diversity in Florida

After learning that hate crime incidents in the US have increased by 30% since 2015, and there are 75 hate groups identified in the state of Florida alone, URI members decided to act. For World Interfaith Harmony Week 2020, the URI member group Jam and All cooperated with Interfaith Café and The Abrahamic Reunion CC to host an all-day conference to help participants understand the root causes of hatred and bigotry and explore ways to create positive change. The conference was called "Transforming Bigotry and Hate: From Awareness to Action" and was held in Boca Raton, Florida, USA with much success.

Learn more about this event and other URI World Interfaith Harmony Week 2020 events here.

Cooperation Circles Involved

The Abrahamic Reunion CC

“Our purpose is to bring healing and reconciliation to the Children of Abraham in the Holy Land. Religious leaders from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze communities come together to rebuild trust in the religious community. They travel as a group throughout the world speaking about the Holy Land and giving hope that peace is possible.”

Interfaith Café

"Our purpose is to encourage interfaith dialogue and awareness by uniting people of different faiths in conversation over tea and coffee."