The Weekly Shot: Submit Your Peace Day 2020 Plans

14 September 2020, 6:01 PM
The Weekly Shot: Submit Your Peace Day 2020 Plans

Pictured above, Interfaith Peace Building on Natural Resources Management, a URI member group based in Cambodia, celebrated Peace Day 2015 by bringing their diverse community together to plant trees for the benefit of all.

The UN International Day of Peace is fast approaching on September 21. Every year, the global URI community marks this event by celebrating peace in communities around the world and compiling an inspiring online directory. This year, with the Coronavirus pandemic isolating many communities physically, the celebrations will be virtual—but no less inspirational.

Please let us know how you plan to celebrate Peace Day 2020! Will you plant a tree? Host a Zoom call? Draw a sidewalk chalk message?

Fill out this very short form so URI can include you in its feature of Peace Day 2020 events.

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