Caminhos da Terra

The power of union
Photo of Caminhos da Terra.
"Our purpose is to awaken consciences to a world of peace and unity among all people and nations of the Earth."
Christianity, Indigenous, Spirituality
Catholic, Shamanism, Spiritist, Spiritualist
Number of Members
Goias, Brazil
Joined URI Network

Caminhos da Terra CC organizes healing meetings, workshops, lectures, events for self-development and self-improvement, artistic presentations, social work, and peace building actions. This broad spectrum of activities is focused on indigenous rights and wisdom, and interfaith dialogue and education and peace-building. Members of such an array of traditions enjoy being together in the feeling of wellness and oneness, celebrating peace, and honoring different paths on Earth. They warmly welcome people, study together, and get to know more about other religions.

Photo of Caminhos da Terra.
Photo of Caminhos da Terra.
Photo of Caminhos da Terra.

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