DMLBonn CC (Deutsche Muslim-Liga Bonn e.V)

Establishing a dialogue institute called “House of Abraham”
"Our purpose is to promote a dialogue between all human beings with particular emphasis on members of the Abrahamic religions."
Action Areas
Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Protestant, Catholic, Sufi
Number of Members
Bonn, Bad Godesberg, Germany
Joined URI Network

The DMLB co-organizes different interfaith events, including several regular events: the Christian-Islamic Conference at Pentecost for approximately 80 people, including families and children (4 days, anually since 1988); the Jewish Christian Muslim Summer School at Ammerdown, UK (1 week, biannually since 1991); the Standing Conference of Jews Christians and Muslims in Europe (1 week, since 1972); and the Peace Prayer at Namedy Castle at the “Art in the Park” festival. For furthering the aims of dialogue, peace and justice, the DMLB co-operates with various partner organizations. DMLB members participate as speakers in panels, lectures and other events at academies, religious communities, political foundations, and others. They also actively participate in a broad network of like-minded organizations. The DMLB Cooperation Circle (CC) has won the URI Bowes Award 2009 with its project "Sharing the Ammerdown experience with URI CCs." As a result, 6 young leaders from the URI Europe network were financially supported to participate in the Jewish Christian Muslim Summer School at Ammerdown, UK, which took place July 7-13, 2010.

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URI Europe Cooperation Circles build understanding, friendship and joint actions every day. In a world, where extremist views - right-wing populists or terrorist - get lots of attention, they show that people can connect as human beings, build bonds of friendship, create joint positive actions and work for the common good together.

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