Global Youth Movement (GYM)

A new initiative towards global youth empowerment
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“Our purpose is to empower the youths around the world thus leading the future society towards global development & inter-religious harmony.”
Islam, Christianity, Hinduism
Number of Members
Kollam, Kerala, India
Joined URI Network

GYM connects youth from diverse backgrounds to bridge their differences, to grow as leaders, and to work together for the good of their communities and the world. GYM offers real-world leadership development, with many participants meeting at residential youth camps around the world. Youth leaders are able to engage in interfaith dialogue, plan projects, and build knowledge and skills together. Members have the vision of thinking globally and acting locally. They will be working locally as peace multipliers, and GYM will be a platform for youngsters to be part of the global youth family and to bring out individual and group potential into creating and building interfaith harmony. They plan to have monthly house meetings where members can come together and also host camps: 3 days, 1 day, and half day camps. GYM is not a single independent—it’s a network. Members of the group work full-time in seven schools, part-time in several colleges, and engage in interfaith work in each place.

Issac S Thomas
GYM Director
+91 9446034468

Sanoop Sajan Koshy
GYM Secretary
+91 9497369949

Photo of Global Youth Movement
Photo of Global Youth Movement

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Welcome to our newest CC: Global Youth Movement!

Apr 19, 2017. 

Welcome, Global Youth Movement CC, to the Multiregion! 

Global Youth Movement (GYM) is a group of young people based mostly in Southern India who have been walking the URI walk and talking the URI talk for years.