Nayi Raushni (Creating Rays Of Hope)

We dream of a time when no women will be the victims of any violence and no children will be unattended.
We are uniting to show the world how to love, how to manage peacefully and how to foster our younger generations.
Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity
Number of Members
East India
Asansol, Pashchim Burdwan, West Bengal, India
Joined URI Network

‘Nayi Raushni’ (Creating Rays of Hope) is increasing and improving the social, economic and legal strength of women. Their goal is to ensure equal rights for women, and to make women confident enough to claim their rights. Members are a strong group of women from marginalized families struggling to stand with self-conviction. Many of them are victims of domestic violence who now are working to bring justice and are creating opportunities for other women to earn and run their families through skill-development training programs. More than 200 women have learned stitching, weaving, doll-making and computer operations, and are working together now. Nayi Raushni is also providing shelter and love to children. They believe that, through interfaith work, they will reach more members of the community and unite as one family. One very moving activity that they held last year was a Christmas celebration for children in an orphanage with URI Regional Office support. They embraced children and fed them cake as if they were their mothers. The children were so happy that did not want to leave upon the completion of the program.

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