URI Aarhus Cooperation Circle

Promoting openness and harmonic co-existence, respect for diversity, care for wholeness and hope for the future
“Our purpose is to promote deep dialogue and build bridges among different religions, traditions, and worldviews.”
Baha'i, Spirituality, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalist, Taoism, Hinduism
Brahma Kumaris, Catholic, Theosophical, Lutheran, Scientology, Buddhist, Laoist, Hare Krishna, Catholic, Franciscan, Unitarian
Number of Members
Grenaa, Denmark
Joined URI Network

URI Aarhus Cooperation Circle (CC) supports a culture of peace, social justice and healing for all on the local, national and global level by visiting different religious societies and taking part in interreligious events. CC members promote April the 5th, The Day of The Golden Rule and focus on International Day of Peace on September 21st.

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Golden rule tour in Europe

Dear all

the golden rule tour in Europe is now taking place marts 2011. Would your CC in europe like to have a visit from Mussie Hailu From Etiopia and Lone Klemmensen from Denmark. then please contact Lone on lone@lingchiskolen.dk . most of the funding has been found but we will accept donations to help fund our travelexpenses getting from place to place in europe.
If you feel inspired to organise an event to promote the golden rule. We most welcome your help.

If anybody from other parts of the world would like a visit from us or has great ideas on how to promote the golden rule or would like to donate to the tour please get in contact with Lone