URI Germany CC (URI Deutschland CC)

Support interfaith-cooperation in German-speaking countries
“Our purpose is to create an administrative structure for URI in Germany. To inspire and support CCs in German- speaking countries, and to promote the aims of URI and make them better known in Germany.”
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Baha'i
Protestant, Catholic
Number of Members
Bonn, Germany
Joined URI Network

URI Germany Cooperation Circle holds a general annual meeting, where members consult about the development of the United Religions Initiative, make decisions and exchange experiences and good practices. The members participate in a large number of interfaith activities and are involved in different organizations and networks.

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Interfaith Action: URI Cooperation Circles Around the World Provide Care to Refugees

With the world's eyes fixed on the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East, URI Cooperation Circle from Germany to Bulgaria to Bosnia and Herzegovina are building "safe places" and "giving hospitality" to refugees. With the recent influx of refugees, Cooperation Circles across Europe are mobilizing to welcome refugees, providing for basic needs and more.