Vidyasagar Society

Empowering Bengali Society to be initiators of positive change
“Our purpose is to promote enduring, Bangla language and culture, secular unity and daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace among the Bengali Society.”
Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Indigenous
Buddhist, Tribal
Number of Members
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Joined URI Network

Vidyasagar Society Cooperation Circle was established in Dhaka in 1997. CC members play an important role in the promotion of Bengali language and Bengali culture with the cooperation of the country’s eminent writers and litterateurs. CC members hold seminar-symposia and create publications to mark the birth and death anniversaries of Vidyasagar. These activities aim to create goodwill and enlightenment, and are well-known in Bangladesh West Bengal (India). The CC strives to empower Bengali Society to be the catalytic force of positive changes and to create a better future through the building of a society of equal opportunities without prejudices. They host interfaith meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences promoting dialogue and interfaith cooperation to end violence and to create a culture of peace. They find partners to work on peace-building and bridge-building among the Bengali Society from different parts of Bangladesh. They organize activities for secular unity from different regions, as well as encouraging and providing resources and training for individuals to develop leadership skills. CC members offer advocacy and support to children and youths with special needs and without parents, which helps them to increase their life options, and helps society to overcome stereotypes and prejudices. Their desired outcome is achieving a discrimination-free society and bringing back the values of Bengali culture and the practice of co-existing in a harmonious society.

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