Youth Changemakers Parliament

Empowering a generation of young leaders
“Our purpose is to empower a generation of youth to become young leaders who will stand up for what they believe in.”
Christianity, Indigenous
Methodist, Pentecostal
Number of Members
Southern Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Joined URI Network

Youth Changemakers Parliament Cooperation Circle (CC) was established to run and manage a youth organization for South African Youth from all religious and cultural backgrounds within the community of Ennerdale and its surrounding areas. This CC creates an environment where youth are given the platform to share their opinions and perspectives. It develops youth activism through civic education by unlocking passion to take initiative and play active roles in the development of their community. Once a month, they conduct what is known as a “seating” for students from different schools as well as different organizations from their community and the surrounding areas. At each “seating,” a different topic is discussed and debated, topics that are chosen by the youth who are the key and main members. Youth give speeches, and various professionals address the given topic in presentations. Youth are also encouraged to come up with “take action” ideas, where they will do a presentation or some activity at their school after the seating. In this way, information flows down to the rest of the community, ensuring the achievement of their outcome and proposed goal.


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