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URI celebrates its 15th anniversary with United Nations 70th

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Former Sec. of State praises URI in testimony before US Congress

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URI's founding story

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An Interview with Moreno Overa, Music Festival Organizer

12 hours ago

Moreno Overá is the organizer for the second annual “A Song for Peace” Festival, held in Brazil. This interview is presented in three language translations: English, Spanish, and

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Memoriam for Fr. Dr. Albert Nambiarparambil

1 day ago

Renowned peacebuilder Father Albert Nambiaparambil passed away after a brief illness on Feb. 8.

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Giving Refugee Children Their First School

1 day ago

All the children we met at the refugee camp had never been in school, since the older ones (4-11 years old) fled with their families about five years ago from the violence in Syria. The

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Editorial: More People of Faith Need to Speak Up

2 days ago

Do people of faith have anything unique to bring to the struggles of the present moment? Can they do more than simply swell the multitudes protesting in the street or overwhelming Capitol

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