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Association of Disabled Females International CC

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31 Members

Traditions: Christian Episcopal , Christian, Islam, Baha’i See All

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Women

Region: Africa

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Our purpose is to promote interfaith cooperation and seek non-violent approaches to religious conflict.

Our chapter focuses on helping females with disabilities. In addition, we hold awareness activities to teach religious tolerance, providing tools to create a peaceful environment through acceptance of one another regardless of religious beliefs. We encourage all grassroots religious-oriented women's movements in war-torn Liberia to take action. We want to engage in meaningful dialogue, mutual cooperation and create a nonviolent approach to unnecessary religious and man-made conflicts. We console the victims of civil war, visit the sick and elderly, comfort the widows and give hope to those who feel hopeless. We want to serve as a vehicle between the Zoes and the Boedios and be one of the major forerunners of social justice throughout Liberia. We want to create awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, offer care to women living with the virus, and prevent female genital mutilation. 

We dream of interfaith cooperation and non-violent approaches to religious conflict.

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Secretary General F. Glabor Dennis


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