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ANT-Hiroshima is a non-governmental organization based in Japan which draws its inspiration from the experience of the A-bomb survivors who, together with support from the international community, worked to rebuild their shattered city in a spirit of peace and reconciliation. In a similar spirit, ANT-Hiroshima is involved in a range of relief, reconstruction, and peace-building projects in a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and the Philippines.

ANT-Hiroshima’s work is rooted in its mission to provide the victims of natural disasters and violence with both material and emotional support. We bring a human touch to the provision of emergency relief in areas devastated by disaster and conflict by providing immediate material needs like food, clothing, water, shelter, and medical supplies and services with warmth and compassion.

Through programs in education, we also strive to stimulate the awareness and action of young people toward both the needs of both their local communities and the international community.

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We transform tragedies into new tomorrows.

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Executive Director Tomoko Watanabe

Aki Legal Bidg 5F, 8-14 Kami-Hatchobori, Naka-ku,

+ (81)825026304

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October 11, 2013 11:11 AM

Spreading Hiroshima's Spirit of Peace

ANT-Hiroshima CC Executive Director Tomoko Watanabe explains her personal journey to becoming a peace activist and the unique role of ANT.


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