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Traditions: Christian, Islam, Jewish, Hindu See All

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Poverty Alleviation/Economic Opportunity, Youth

Region: North America

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Being There CC serves the community through food distribution to facilitate interfaith dialogue. The group started with mostly Muslim volunteers cooking and feeding the homeless, but then expanded to include members of the Charlotte Interfaith Young Adult Council. It continued to expand to include volunteers from eight congregations of different faiths in the Charlotte area. They have obtained 501(c)3 status, developed a robust program of cooking for and serving the homeless, created education programs  for Lent, Ramadan, and partnered with "Stop Hunger Now" in early 2014 when nine congregations and 60 volunteers made 10,000 food packets for international hunger relief.

Serving the community through food distribution to facilitate interfaith dialogue

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Founder Saad Haq

3011 Hunters Creek CT,
NC USA 28269
United States

(1) 215 390 0313

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