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Christian Muslim Unity Foundation

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23 Members

Action Area: Community Building, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: http://www.christianmuslimunity.org

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Christian Muslim Unity Foundation is an Abuja, Nigeria-based registered national Non-Governmental Organization whose core interest is promoting peaceful co-existence amongst the major faiths in Nigeria: Christianity, Islam and other religious and spiritual groups. There are many cultures in Nigeria but we are generally separated by an Islamic northern majority and Christian southern majority.

Christian Muslim Unity Foundation tackles the issues of religious intolerance by through organizing and implementing campaigns against the dangers of religious intolerance while promoting religious harmony and co-existence. The Organization also creates forums for open and honest dialogue and discussions between members of the Muslim and Christian communities. Members hope to have a future where religious tension is reduced to the barest minimum; of a nation where all our people are tolerant of their differences and work harmoniously to understand differences and similarities. They have plans to work majorly in the education sector to set up programs and events that would help spread their message amongst the younger generation.

To achieve maximum interfaith relations amongst the young people in Nigeria

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Ms Grace Archibong Inyang

4 Jomo Kenyatta Street, Asokoro

(234) 7035684567

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